Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shadow Lakes, Oregon Territory, 1859

A.-- Deep cut, 30 ft., Road condition, thin gravel on dirt, inclined to be muddy when wet, 12 ft. wide;
B.--Wooden Bridge, heavy support timbers, suitable for field artillery, cavalry, and infantry, 10 feet wide, weak railings;
C.--Rocky, uneven road surface, will be problematic with artilery and heavy wagons (10 ft. wide);
D.--Fresh water, no detectable alkalines, shallow, deepening to (0-30 ft.), beyond the dotted line very deep (exceeds fifty ft. in depth);
E.--Shallow Lake, max. depth, 40 ft.;
F.-- Max grade 6 degrees;
G.--The walls of the lake are mostly Basaltic Rock with shale, and some brush.

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