Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Battlefield Tactics at Green Hill Park, #2

Battlefield Tactics at Green Hill Park, Sunday, 10/13/13

1:15 p.m.

--Confederate Army is positioned in the tree-line at right angle;
--Union Army is positioned along the water, Artillery on high ground;

1:30 -- 1:35

--US moves from waters edge in column past trees and turns left;
--CS Main Line advances from the trees, US Artillery opens fire;
--US deploys into battle line, with reserve held at tree-line out of sight;

1:35 -- 1:40

--CS attacks Union left from adjacent tree-line, US defends left flank;

1:40 -- 1:45

--US reserve strikes this attack on CS right flank, CS forms main battle line;

1:45 --1:50

--US obliques left to cut off CS from retreating through the tree-line, pushing the CS Line towards the spectators, US Artillery hits CS left;

1:50 --2:00

--CS gives ground methodically but moves off the soccer field;
--US Artillery ceases fire;
--Casualties of both armies stay in place on field;
--Truce is called to pick up viable wounded  and both are take to the respective hospitals;
--After wounded are removed, dead are to be be removed or tactically walked back.

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