Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Intermediate Warfare"

Intermediate Warfare Operations in southwest Virginia and eastern Tennessee.

Intermediate Warfare being defined as: combat actions between an isolated skirmish, and / or a large
battle in a relatively small area, a sort of a mini-theatre of war between regiments and / or brigades,
rather than corps, divisions, or armies.

Officers Serving:

Major -General George Stoneman (1822 - 1894);
Basil Wilson Duke (1838 - 1916);
Major- General Stephan Gano Burbridge (1831 - 1894);
Brigadier-General Georg Gibbs Dubrell (1822 - 1888);
Brigadier-General John C. Vaughn;
Major-General John Breckinridge (1821 - 1875);
Major-General Alan C. Gillem (1830 - 1875);
Lieutenant-Colonel William H. Ingerton.

Private Samuel Trueheart (1843 - 1897), a slave in Kentucky before volunteering for the Union army in 1864.
It is believed that he took part in both Union raids on Saltville.

Reference: James B.  Jones, "Intermediate Warfare," North-South Magazine, May 2012, Vol. 14, #1, Pages 30-36. 


  1. Jim -- Like your maps. I am a retired cartographer in Maryland and former re-enactor. Trying to get back in the hobby as a Coast Survey field mapper. Would love to talk with you about it but can not find any contact info. I follow you on the Living History eEngineer blog. Please contact me at my email. Mapczar

    1. Mapczar;

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      Jim Mathews