Wednesday, February 6, 2013

AAR NEB Annual Mtg. Feb. 2, 2013

The 2013 N.E.B. Annual Meeting Agenda at the Nichols College in Dudley, MA, for February 2, 2013:

9:00 am - Registration (dues $50.00 per unit)
9:30 am - Board of Directors Meeting
10:30 am - General Meeting
Noon - Lunch Break
1:00 pm - Resume General Meeting
 Military and Civilian Meetings after close of General Meeting

Agenda for General Meeting:

1) Call to Order;
2) Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation;
3) Moment of Silence for passed members;
4) Roll Call of Officers;
5) Roll Call of Units;
6) Secretary's Report;
7) Treasurer's Report;
8) President's Report;
8) Military Commander's Report;
9) Civilian Coordinator’s Report;
10) Living History Department’s Report;

--Brig. Gen Ian McKay (Jim Mathews) reported for the living History group:

The Topographical Engineers served last year as Lt. Gen. Grant’s Staff, and when he was not available served as Engineering Staff to the New England Brigade Commander.  The Engineer’s endeavored at each event to produce a sketch map of the topographical terrain of each event, together with a sketch map of any CW battle that was being copied.  Also the unit endeavored to produce, on paper, some kind of an engineering project related to the event.  At this  time the Topographical Engineers have a library of maps numbering more than 750.

11) Safety Officer’s Report;

The Topographical Engineers in response to the Safety Officer’s call for a Safety Officer in each unit, has appointed Capt Gregg Webster as the Safety Officer for the Topographical Engineers.

12) Committee Reports;
13) Sesquicentennial Committee;
14) Old Business;
--Insurance Renewal

Insurance, the nature of our Brigade policy was presented to the meeting, it is a million dollar liability policy as opposed to a personal injury  policy. In other words it covers what we do to others. Also it was clarified that it is applicable to any event sanctioned by the Brigade whether they are reenactments or smaller events such as living history presentations. All that is required is that the NEB Board recognize the event as an NEB function

15) Web Site;

--The Grants will reinstate our old user friendly web site 

16) New Business;

--2013 Calendar of Events

17) Election of Officers;

--Results of Officer Elections: 

President: Doug Ozelius
Vice President: Gus Gallagher
Military Commander: Paul Kenworthy
Clerk: Eric Astupenas
Treasurer: Norbert Riecke
Civilian Coordinator: Judy Robinson
Member at Large:  Dale Julius.

Adjourn  (at 3:15 pm)


Monday, February 4, 2013

Foxwoods Resort and Casino

Foxwoods Resort and Casino, November 1st, 1862.  Redrawn by Lady Heidi Webster (11012012).

Green Hill Park

Green Hill Park, Worcester, Mass. October 12-14 1862 (10072012)

Green Hill Pond Pontoon Bridge

Green Hill Pontoon Bridge, Sketch and Plan, October 14th, 1862.  45 pontoon boats, 20 feet on center, length of bridge 300 yards.  Sketch not to scale in the distance indicated, depth of pond averages  from 10 to 15 feet.  The pond banks on both sides are 2 to 3 feet high. -- Captain G.P. Webster , Commander, U.S. Army Engineers Pontoon Train. (10072012)

U. S. Army Vth Corps, March 30, 1865

Positions of U.S. Army Vth Corps, Richmond to Appomattox Campaign on the evening of March 30th, 1865. Major-General Gouvenour K. Warren, Commanding

Fort Morgan, Sketch #2

Fort Morgan, Black and White Interior Diagram and Layout; Mobile Bay, Alabama, Deceember 5th, 1862.

Fort Morgan, Sketch #1, Colored Fort Layout

Fort Morgan, Mobile Bay, Alabama, December 5th, 1862

Fort Morgan -- Mobile Bay

Fort Morgan, Mobile Bay at Mobile Point on December 7th, 1862.  This fort guards the entrance to Mobile Bay and the city of Mobile, Alabama.

Fort Morgan and Mobile Bay

Fort Morgan and Mobile Bay, Alabama, December 10th, 1862

Emancipation Proclamation Day 100 Gun Salute (Sketch Two)

Emancipation Proclamation Day 100 Gun Salute (Sketch Two), at Howard T. Brown Memorial Park, Norwich, Connecticut, January 1st, 1863 -- 12122012, Captain G. P. Webster, Battery "B", 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Emancipation Proclamation Day 100 gun salute

Emancipation Proclamation Day 100 Gun Salute, at Howard T. Brown Memorial Park, Norwich, Connecticut, Jamuary 1st, 1863 (12122012).  Captain G.P. Webster, Battery "B", 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery.

Fort Morgan -- Mobile Bay

Union Siege Lines surrounding Fort Morgan at the entrance to Mobile Bay, August, 1864.

Ekonk Grange Civil War Event

This event is one where the above Grange has asked the Northeast Topographical Engineers  (NETE) to set up a field engineering display and office.  This event is scheduled to take place in Sterling CT, August 10th, 1863.

Ian McKay, BG (by brevet), CE -- Cdr. NETE

Confederate "current" Torpedo

This type of torpedo was attached to a length of rope, btween 250 and 350 feet long.  The opposing end of the rope was attached to a log.  With the rope stretched across the current, the torpedo and log assembly was floated down towards the enemy ship.  The hope was that the log would float down one side of the ship, and the torpedo would float down the opposite side.  The rope would catch on the ship's bow and wrap both ends around the ship's hull.  The rope was knotted, so as to catch on the ship's bow, to prevent the entire assembly from pulling off harmlessly.  Once the torpedo swung against the hull, held stationary by the rope, the current would catch the propeller on the torpedo, causing it to rotate down under the detent which released a hammer that struck a gun cap (some models used a percussion primer).  The gun cap would then set off the torpedo against the ship's hull.