Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kettle Run

The Battle of Kettle Run is a prelude to the Second Manassus Battle.  As Stonewall Jackson's troops occupied and looted the railway junction at Manassas on August 27, 1862, Federal Forces under the command of General Hooker approached the Confederate rear-guard at Kettle Run.  The Confederates there managed to delay the Union force before withdrawing to the junction and then to the old Manassas Battlefield.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Attack on Fort Butler

General Green (CSA) ordered a night attack on Union-held Fort Butler, hoping to
 steal a victory before daylight.  The attack by the 1st and 2nd
Texas Brigades was unsuccessful due to the various fortifications
 supporting the fort and the two Union gunboats on the river. 

Stoneman's Raid

Forrest's Fort Pillow Raid

The attack on Fort Pillow was just one stop for Forrest's horsemen during this
Spring 1864 foray from Mississippi into Tennessee and Kentucky.  The regions
isolation made it a haven for the hit-and-run raids at which Forrest excelled.

Washingon, North Carolina

Union Defense of occupied Confederate Town of Washington, North Carolina, April 10t, 1863.