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NEB Annual Meeting, Feb. 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen;

The following information was provided at the Annual Meeting, in two parts, First there was the Military Meeting in the morning hours, and the Brigade Meeting in the Afternoon.  There apparently was a civilian meeting at the same time as the Military Meeting which Lady Germain attended and which she will cover at some later time.  Please make any corrections or additions of any information that needed to be added or changed.  I will make the corrections and then send it to the NEB President as the AAR he has requested.


Jim Mathews

In attendance at the NEB Annual Meeting from the Topog. Engineers were:

Jim Mathews - BG, CE
James Duarte, Major;
Norbert Reike, Capt.
Raymond Germain, Capt.
Mike Grossman, Corp.
Lady Germain, Sr. Specialist

URLs for NEB Contact:


>>>   Graves2CT@Charter.NET

>>>   New England Brigade;


Military Meeting:

Matt Burbank was reelected as the NEB Commander unanimously and with no other candidates offered.

There was a rather lengthy discussion from the Commander about his personal disappointments and what he expected / hoped to see in the future. In regard to these, the only item that touched the Engineering Unit was the idea that in coming years, the Brigade will:

--Empower different departments to act more on their own and make detailed arrangements.

In this idea, the Living History Department under the command of Lt. Gen. Grant has pretty much been operating in this way for the last two years.

I was asked to provide the Living History Report for the year of 2011 in the place of Lt. Gen. Grant who was absent due to business commitments:

Living History Report:

--The Topog Engineering Unit has currently in it's Drawing  Portfolio 607 maps, plans and diagrams.  These drawings are catalogued by number are available for reprint and use as the members of the NEB shall develop a need;

--The Topog Unit acts as Lt, Gen. Grant's military and Personal Staff;

--During Events the Topog Unit strives to produce two rough sketch maps, one of the physical terrain on which NEB is camped for the event, and the second is a map of the actual Civil War Battle that NEB is  striving to produce at that event;

--In addition the Topog Unit usually undertakes some sort of project on paper for Lt. Gen. Grant such as gun emplacements, bridges, wooden roads, towers and other field engineering items as may be requested by the General.  This project is usually done on paper only,and encompasses a drawing of the item together with lists detailing the numbers of men, construction specialists, tools, and materials needed for the project;

--Finally the Topog Unit endeavors to produce various reports, requests, and detachment documents as required of a similar detachment during its Garrison periods in camp.

A suggestion was offered after this report was made:

--That the maps and drawings applied to the various events during the year should be put on the internet for use by members of the NEB during the current year events.  The request has been developed into a proposed project  which will be submitted to the Department Head, Lt. Gen. Grant for his approval.  This project will be to develop an internet  BLOG, and on this BLOG will be placed various Maps and Plans relating to the NEB events of the 2012  Event Season.  Eventually all of the 607 plans, maps, and diagrams will be found on said BLOG.

The following Reports and Comments were made to the Attendees:

1.    Authenticity was a Concern of both the NEB President and Commander;

--Uniforms and Military bearing during the period of the event (Saturday Morning thru Sunday afternoon;
--Cars in camp Saturday Night;
--Units leaving Saturday Night.

2.  NEB Event Attendance:

--Weak (This has not applied to the Topog Unit);
--The NEB Commander and President has asked for unit answers to this concern and that these answers be directed to the Commander and / or the President (The Topog Unit List of Responses will be listed on a separate message to the NEB President);

3.  Drill

--Weak as Infantry Battalion (does not concern Topog Unit).

4.  Proxy Vote of Units;

--All Proxy Votes will be sent to the President;
--All those in the unit who are authorized to vote by Proxy for the unit , those names will be provided to both the NEB Commander and President;
(The Topog Unit Names will be provided via a separate message)

5.  Various Departments Working Together:

--The NEB Commander and President have asked for comments and suggestions;
(The Topog Unit Comments and Suggestions will be listed on a separate message to NEB President)

6.  Thinking Outside the Box???

--Again the NEB Commander and President are looking for new ideas for the NEB Events and presentations
(The Topog Unit Ideas will be provided in a separate message)

7.  Historical Preservation

-The NEB Commander and President are interested in what undertakings in this area that have been accomplished by the Brigade Units
(The Topog Unit accomplishments will be provided in a separate message)

8.  Event Coordinator

--The NEB Commander spoke seriously about the fact that the Event Coordinator should not be playing as a reenactor at the same time as serving as the Event Coordinator.  In the past the task has really been too much and on occasions important elements have been forgotten or have not been carried out to their fullest aspect.

9.  Safety

--The following Safety aspects were reviewed:

    * Fire Buckets at every fire, no exceptions;
    *Weapons stacked  never pointed at any individuals of fired in an unsafe direction or manner;
    *Camp Tools (axes, hatchets and saws (proper use, stowage and person using such has the proper knowledge and training to use these tools -- proper techniques for the safety of others);
    *Mindful of the effects of heat in camp and on the battle field:
         >Drink plenty of water;
         >Easy on Alcohol;
    *Careful of the use of Black Powder;
    *Medical Cards Carried on person.

Afternoon Brigade Meeting Report
Reports: Secretary, Treasurer, President's, Military Commander, Civilian, Safety, & Living History

1. Old Business;

--NEB President reelected for another term, unanimously and with no other floor nominations.  Congratulations to our New / Old President!!!!!

--Member -At- Large reelected for another term, unanimously and with no other floor nominations,  Congratulations!!!!!!

--Renewal of Insurance (approved).

2. New Business:

>>>New Ideas for 2012 (See Topog comment in Military Meeting);

>>>By Law Amendment in Attendance (Passed);

>>>Event Schedule Presentations by Event Coordinators:

(x) indicates Max NEB Attendance;
(IP) indicates individual participation:

--April 16 -- Parade  (Concord) (IP);

--April 27-29 -- Camp of Instruction (COI), Lincoln) (X);

--May 18-20 -- Templeton (X);

--June 22-24 -- Blackstone (X);

--July 13-15 -- Fort Adams (X);

--July -- Fort Knox (IP);

--Aug. 24-26 -- Hinkley, ME (IP);

--Aug 31 - Sept. 2 -- Museum Village (IP);

--Sept. 28-30 -- CT To Arms, Wickham Park (X);

--Oct 12-14  -- Worchester, MA (X);

Nov 15-16 -- Plymouth Parade (X);

No  Date -- Look Park -- North Hampton , Mass (IP);

No Date -- New Haven -- Fort Nathan Hale (IP)

--Sept. 28

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